Telluride Rock & Roll Academy presents Ladies Night Rock, June 30

Telluride Rock & Roll Academy presents Ladies Night Rock, June 30

[click “Play” to hear Mark Galbo on Rock ‘n Roll Academy]

Ladies Rock n Roll at SOH 085 These 10 Telluride ladies have always rocked. But until last October, they never rocked out.

Last fall, under the expert guidance of Mark Galbo, founder/CEO, Telluride Rock & Roll Academy, the women began a journey of self-empowerment that culminated in a performance on the stage of the historic Sheridan Opera House last  January. Tuesday, June 30, 7 – 11p.m., is their long awaited encore.

Join  “Mach Schau”  – Suzanne Cheavens, Baerbel Hacke, Molly Papier, Cindy Carver, Kathleen Erie – and “Mamalicious”  – Suz Remec, Melissa Plantz, Libby Ball, Melanie McDonald, Wendy Fulton – for  their second full-tilt rock ‘n roll show and dance party.

“Being in a band and playing rock and roll is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I love the work and how making music makes me feel: exhilarated, happy, whole. Like I’ve hooked into some divine mystery. I wish I could do nothing except play my guitar,” said Suzanne Cheavens, writer/KOTO’s music director – and lead guitar.

“Being in the band is an amazing experience,” said Baerbel Hacke, director, Telluride Gallery of Fine Art. “On stage, we bare our souls. Time and frustrations seem to slip away.”

It’s only rock and roll, but they like it.

You will too.

To learn more, click the “play” button and listen to Mark Galbo boast about his ladies and talk about why the R & R Academy remains successful in difficult times.

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