Paul Machado on Telluride Jazz Celebration #33

Paul Machado on Telluride Jazz Celebration #33

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Paul, Flora and Airto Paul Machado took over the helm of the Telluride Jazz Celebration in 1991 reconfiguring the event with aplomb and extending the venue to include local clubs and the Mountain Village. The depth and breadth of his stellar programming and the mountain setting add up to a musical weekend second to none in the world.

For Paul, "jazz" is not just any four letter word, nor does the handle refer to any one specific thing. If Lawrence Welk plays a song John Coltrane wrote, that's not jazz. If John Coltrane plays Lawrence Welk, it is. Jazz for Paul is contextual. For him, the label refers to a certain kind of spontaneous interaction on stage and off. It is an opportunity to enjoy internationally in a unique setting. At its center, Paul believes his Jazz Celebration is an aural elixir that makes a person's ears smile.

Paul was once the head solo bugle player in a drum and bugle corps that competed all over New England and Pennsylvania. After graduating from Indiana State University in physical education, he left on a quest to find real mountains and wound up in Steamboat Springs, where he promptly contracted poison ivy and wound up spending all his time with his feet in a creek. Recovered but only a few pennies in his pocket, Paul made his way to Telluride.

The rest is history.

In addition to the stellar line-up he put together, this Paul is particularly excited about the family spin he has placed on the weekend:

"As a result of our move to the great sunny weather of June, we've added more family fun,
things like an inflatable Finding Nemo for the kids. It's Huck Finn Day by the Telluride Elks
on Saturday and Telluride One's Invitational Soccer Tournament on Sunday. With our intimate size, there's plenty of room in the festival grounds for a family to spread out and get comfortable"

To hear more about Paul's musical career, how he became involved with the Jazz Celebration and what excites him about this year's line-up, press the "play" button on his podcast.

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