Love in the air at 36th annual Telluride Bluegrass

Love in the air at 36th annual Telluride Bluegrass

IMG_2579 The Telluride Bluegrass Festivarian and bride-to-be was hanging on to the gate, shaking a shoe and frantically waving a cardboard sign which read "Play My Wedding," at the band on stage. Kay Vollmayer was not disappointed.

Greensky Bluegrass, former band contest winners and new Festival favorites, dedicated a song they had written the night before at a jam session to Kay. They named the tune, spur of the moment, "Play My Wedding." (This year, wit flowed off the stage in equal measure with the music like New Belgium brews.)

 It is doubtful Greensky Bluegrass still has to play bar mitzvahs, sweet 16s or weddings to put bread on its table – but maybe, just maybe… Kay's plea was so original. Regardless, the moments was one of many that happened over the long weekend, that Kay, her fiancee Sean Pressler, and the crowd will not soon forget.

P1210723 Sunday at Telluride Bluegrass,  I witnessed an actual wedding on a tarp in Town Park, our friend, Judge Sharon Shuteran officiating. Pat and Barbara, now the Nolans, were singing harmonies when they drove back to Chicago the next day.

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