Judy Kohin curates exhibit for new Ah Haa gallery in Telluride

Judy Kohin curates exhibit for new Ah Haa gallery in Telluride

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Daniel_Judy_bw The Ah Haa School for the Arts in Telluride was founded in 1990 by professional book artist Daniel Tucker to provide the community with arts and crafts enrichment education – only art was just part of a larger vision.

Out of the gate, Daniel saw Ah Haa as a "beacon of light" in our community, a place that both inspires and unifies. From Day One, the school's current director, Tracee Hennigar, has had her eyes firmly fixed on that prize: building a community center with a capital "C."

Former director Judy Kohin ran the show from start-up until her retirement in 2006. With Daniel's unwavering support, it was she who put Ah Haa on the map. Judy embraced the community and the Telluride community hugged back. However, space constraints in the building that housed the school, the Silver Bell, once a brothel, meant the focus had to be first and foremost on providing space to make art. Other community activities, such as becoming a major venue for Festivals and special events, weddings and parties, would have to wait.

Depot-color-outlined The new Depot location (watercolor by Judy Kohin) is a game changer, allowing Tracee to dream big – and her dream is now well on its way to coming true: the old train station which once housed a brewery and Harmon's restaurant has undergone a major renovation. The new rooms recently welcomed more Mountainfilm guests to free breakfast talks and lectures than in years past. The will was always there, but scale makes a big difference. Ah Haa can now invite even more creative thinking and thinkers.

This week, at the Grand Opening, June 4, 5 – 7p.m., Ah Haa dedicates its new gallery to founder Daniel Tucker. Judy, also an artist and Daniel's original partner in the adventure, curated the show celebrating the artists and instructors who contributed to the spirit of the school since its inception with help from Lauren Metzger, the school's new exhibition manager.

"Ah Haa" is a close approximation of the Greek "Eureka," the utterance attributed to Archimedes upon discovering a method for determining the purity of gold. It is the sound of inspiration and the title of the upcoming exhibit, "Ah Haa Inspired."

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