Doug Frost, MS, MW, featured at Telluride Wine Festival

Doug Frost, MS, MW, featured at Telluride Wine Festival

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Studio His handle is “wine dog” and he is always learning new tricks.

The Telluride Wine Fest is pleased to welcome back film critic Doug Frost. No, we have not conflated our festivals. Yes, we know the 28th annual gathering of poets of pinot is this coming weekend, June 25 – 28,  and that the Telluride Film Festival is not until early September. We are, however, just stating the facts of Doug’s robust life.

Doug’s bio begins modesty: “Doug Frost is a Kansas City author who writes and lectures about wine, beer and spirits.” That is a bit like saying Leonardo was a guy who drew nice lines and invented war machines. All true, but that’s just scratching the surface. Doug was only 15 when he had his Archimedes-in-the-bathtub moment upon tasting his first glass of Louis Martini 1968 Special Select Pinot Noir: Eureka! The rest is now part of the history of wine in the making.

Doug is one of only three people in the world to have passed both the  rigorous Master Sommelier and Master of Wine exams. His witty and wise books, among them, “Uncorking Wine,” “On Wine,” “Far From Ordinary: The Spanish Wine Guide,” are already classics in the genre, and required reading by many restaurants and retailers. He is host of Check Please!, a weekly public TV show filmed in Kansas City and the wine and spirits consultant for United Airlines worldwide, helping to select the tens of thousands of cases of wines and spirits served aboard annually.

In 2006, Doug along with sidekick/Telluride Wine Fest board member/co-director Steve Olson, aka the wine geek, raised the industry bar once again. They are founding members of a new spirits and cocktail educational organization, BAR, (Beverage Alcohol Resource). Cheers magazine selected BAR and its founders as Innovators of the Year for 2007, and Frost Beverage Innovator of the Year 2009.

But here’s the kicker: As if consulting with numerous retailers, restaurateurs, wineries and distillers in the realms of marketing, merchandising, sales, education, and sensory perception, were not enough, in his spare time Doug writes about food, art, and music – and film reviews for National Public Radio.

At the Telluride Wine Fest weekend, Doug will be everywhere you want to be, lecturing on the wines of Spain at the New Sheridan Chop House and on wines from Washington State and Colorado at Capella.

For highlights of Doug’s Telluride Wine Fest talks, press the “play” button and listen to his podcast.

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