"Dog's Best Friend," A Weekly Column Featuring Trainer Ted Hoff

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IMG_0799 When Telluride dog owners leave town, their first stop after a gas station is Ted Hoff’s place, Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel in Crawford, Colorado. No doubt about it, Ted is a dog whisperer: after 20 years training our furry friends to be the best possible pets and hunters, he has rarely had to raise his hand or his voice to get a dog’s attention. Repetition and positive reward, strokes, not treats, gets the job done.

At Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel, basic training for pups and dogs is not boot camp. It’s more like summer camp all year ’round – only summer camp with benefits.

For more tips about basic training, click the “play” button and listen to Ted’s podcast.

Next week, the subject is puppies.

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