Check it Out…Literally…the Telluride Townie is Back!

Check it Out…Literally…the Telluride Townie is Back!

[click “Play” for Telluride Townie Director, Jacey DePriest]

by Eileen Burns

100_4297 A new definition of the popular bike library will go into the books on Friday, June 26 , as Telluride’s Wilkinson Public Library, in collaboration with The New Community Coalition (TNCC), pioneers one of the first ever libraries to literally check out bikes to locals with a library card.  Yes, berry-pink bicycles, affectionately known as “Telluride Townies,” will be loaned out to adults who have a desire to be more eco friendly and want to cruise town in lieu of driving.

The townie bike was a popular concept years ago, but lost its drive when all the bikes disappeared over a short period of time.  Thanks to Jacey DePriest, director of the Telluride Townie program, a new chapter is being written about this favorite local freebie.  While taking a sustainability class from TNCC Director Kris Holstrom, DePriest was challenged to come up with a program that involved getting the community to adopt a sustainable issue and act upon it.  DePriest borrowed the Telluride Townie concept and gave it a new cover: a home at Wilkinson Public Library.  “People are going to have to be accountable this time around,” stated DePriest.  Locals will have to show their library card to get a key to one of the 20 plus bikes that have been donated, stripped down to a single gear, outfitted with a front basket, and painted bright berry-pink.  There are all sizes and styles of bikes to choose from.  The 4-day rental is free to adults, 18-years of age and older.  Should you be over due returning your bike, you will receive a notice and an extended use fee charge of $5 per day.  Lose it and you will be fined $250, which you can work off with volunteer hours if necessary.

Townies The bikes come with a set of rules:  Keep the bike locked at all times, follow all town bike laws and you must return the bike to the library rack and keys turned in to the front desk.

Knowing Telluride locals, you’ll be seeing a lot of pink circulating around our tiny clean, growing more green, mountain town in months and years to come.  To book your Telluride Townie ride today, head to the library. And don’t forget your card.

Volunteers are needed to help maintain the bikes and donations are necessary to sustain the program.  For more information on how you can become involved, log on to

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