Write Here, Write Now In Telluride

IMGP0408 IMGP0411 Red letter days under blue skies. Our life in Telluride.

The morning of May 27 started out with a hike out our back door, crack of 7:30 am, our dog Gina running ahead, breaking through the crust of frost. You heard me.

We divided to conquer the middle of the day: Clint rafting on the Uncompaghre with TASP and me holding down the fort, posting and podcasting, which has nothing to do with fishing.

In the evening we joined locals at the Ah Haa School Depot Building, where the winners of the Telluride Writers Guild's annual Write Here Contest were on the boards, strutting their stuff. Writers Guild director Amy Cannon beamed as she introduced the winners.

First up was mild mannered reporter Reilly Capps, my former colleague at the Daily Planet. His riff on Goldilocks houses got him the gold. Jen Julia, artistic director of the Sheridan Arts Foundation's Young People's Theatre program, was next. She channeled Chaucer to create her winning script.Telluride archetypes lined up single file in the form of her devoted students to read the parts.

Siam was a hop, skip and a jump down Pacific, where we indulged, once again, in our new favorites: the soy wraps, with a side dish of friendship.

Please forgive us for sounding smug: we live in Paradise. 

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