Telluride Mountainfilm: Paul Bosch at Gallery Walk

Telluride Mountainfilm: Paul Bosch at Gallery Walk

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Telluride region features regularly in Bosch's art

IMG_0007 Pastor and painter of landscapes. Paul Bosch is part of a long tradition dating back to 19th-century America, when artists, particularly of the American West, expressed a rapturous identification with the surrounding terrain. Albert Bierstadt and Frederic Church are two examples. They went way over the top in their depictions of cathedral-like peaks and the Golden Glow that enveloped a scene. At the time, the presiding metaphor was God as Supreme Artist and men like themselves, were simply His obedient servants.

IMG_1701 Paul has been painting his entire life. "Someone has said  (Picasso?  Matisse?  Freud?) that painters are basically feces-smearers, and this was true of me in my crib, according to my parents." While he has been a university chaplain or campus pastor most of his professional life, Paul is also author of numerous published articles/essays on the subject of the arts as they pertain to religious faith, and three books on related themes.


IMG_0037 For 37 years, Paul was married to the late Kathryn (Stinar) Bosch of Lakefield, Minnesota. He is the father of Anna, Professor of Linguistics at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY and of Sarah, TV Producer at CNN, New York City.  He is also the proud grandfather of five: Victor and Philip Allison of Lexington; and Bebe Bischoff, Kitty and Wiley Holbrooke of NYC.

Yes, the very same Holbrooke who is Mountainfilm's  program director. And yes, David gets brownie points for including his father-in-law in the event he so adeptly programs. But nepotism does not detract from the quality of the work – or the charm of the man.

Paul's images of The Wilsons are on display at Cocina de Luz over the long Mountainfilm weekend. The official opening of the art part of the event, the Gallery Walk, is late afternoon, May 22, following the Moving Mountains Symposium.

Press the "play" button and listen to Paul talk eloquently about his life and his paintings.

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