Telluride Mountainfilm: Jane Goren at Art Walk

Telluride Mountainfilm: Jane Goren at Art Walk

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Jane The girl can’t help it. Long before any inconvenient truths, before green became the new red, white and blue, longtime, part-time Telluride local Jane Goren was busy recycling, turning the detritus of people’s lives into edgy fine art.  

Jane came buy her obsession naturally: in the corner of Brooklyn where she grew up no one ever threw anything away.

SPAGHETTI IDARADO  In 1974, Goren moved to Los Angeles. Years later, in this landscape of insecurity both real and imagined, an earthquake struck. The artist began collecting discarded windows, which she painted on the reverse side of the glass in an offbeat attempt to restore order to a disoriented city. These images also allowed Jane to examine issues of voyeurism, surveillance, and the deceitful nature of appearances. The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, her local gallery, has examples of this work in its stable, and a number of pieces are on display at La Marmotte.

TASTES LIKE SHOE LEATHER The work Jane has produced for Telluride Mountainfilm, also on display at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art over the long Memorial Day weekend, is a variation on the theme of turning trash into treasure and wholly in sync with the focus of Mountainfilm’s Moving Mountains symposium about food challenges.

WHAT'S MINE IS MINE The name of Jane’s show is “a la carte.,” and includes two or three dinner plates made from found cardboard. The group, called Tasteless,” is Jane’s tongue-in-cheek reference to the food we get at most supermarkets. She describes the pieces made from discarded metal she picked up around town –  the love children of Pop art and Surrealism – as “high in iron, so they are good for you.”

For more about Jane’s life and work, click the “play” button and listen to her podcast.

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