Telluride Mountainfilm: Chef Ming

Telluride Mountainfilm: Chef Ming

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Chef Ming is MC, Telluride Mountainfilm food symposium

Wok_18_la Award-winning chef/entrepreneur Ming Tsai is the keynote speaker of Telluride Mountainfilm's Moving Mountains Symposium, a gallimaufry of ideas on the subject of food.

If we are what we eat, Americans could be in deep poop. About one-third of the nation's adults are now obese. Deep in the Heartland, Americans still chant "Supersize me," while beyond our borders, the threat of hunger has long been attached to humanity like Peter Pan's shadow. 

Less is certainly not more when it comes to water and raw materials to grow food. When we spice the pot with increasingly unpredictable weather patterns (which decrease agricultural production), it will take a miracle or a second Green Revolution to increase food production to meet the demand by 2050, when the much quoted UN  population estimate of 9.1 billion becomes reality.

The first Green Revolution, which occurred in the 1960s/1970s was fueled by oil. What will fuel the next spurt? Gene technology? Crusaders in Carharts?
What are the other food challenges facing the world? What is the new paradigm for eating right? What does organic really mean? Why does National Food Lunch program need to be changed? What's love got to do with it?

For a preview, click the "play" button and listen to the podcast featuring, the charming, urbane, savvy Tocque Monsieur, Chef Ming.

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