Returning to Telluride: TIO in Kansas City

Returning to Telluride: TIO in Kansas City

Listing41 As anxious as we were to get home to Telluride, we dawdled leaving the Hastings' home in Indianapolis. It was just too pleasant to rush out. So we had a short drive on Saturday and decided to stop for the night in Kansas City. We often do not make hard plans in our travels, and, true to form, we had no reservations when we arrived. That flexibility has occasionally meant we had to accept less than we had hoped, but not this time.

We found the Q Hotel and Spa, which bills itself "Kansas City's 'Green Hotel'" and found ourselves surrounded with quiet luxury and a staff who, to a person, could not do enough for us. Susan spent quite a while with the reception folks, and came up with what turned out to be a great dinner reservation.

The hotel provided transportation to and from McCormick and Schmick, where we enjoyed a wonderful seafood dinner and a very good bottle of Silverado Vineyards' 2005 Merlot.

After sleeping the sleep of the dead, we enjoyed a comlimentary brunch at the Q's breakfast room. Unlike the more typical "Continental" breakfast, Q has a chef ready to make a great omelet in minutes. We took our time leaving the hotel- again it was just too pleasant to rush out.

But by late morning we found ourselves motoring across a beautiful, stormy Kansas landscape, on our way home to Telluride.

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