Alexis Cruzzavala stars in SAFYPT’s “The Audition” May 15

Alexis Cruzzavala stars in SAFYPT’s “The Audition” May 15

No doubt we will all say we knew her when. Graduating Telluride senior Alexis Cruzzavala is an exceptional young woman.

Seven years ago, when we first met, Alexis was only 11 and doing a bit part in the Telluride Repertory Theatre's production of "Romeo and Juliet." Even then, she stood out from the crowd: not just smart, she was also articulate, and poised beyond her years. When the conversation turned to acting, she gushed like a broken dam.

Alexis went on to perform in no fewer than eight of director Jen Julia's always memorable productions. She nearly stole the show in her most recent role, "Marty," the Lolita wannabe in "Grease."  She stars in the SAFYPT's upcoming "The Audition."

"Alexis is extremely bright, inquisitive, curious, and insightful," said Jen. "She explores characters with a great deal of thought and soul-searching.  On stage, she is dynamic and fascinating to watch. Her Carrie in 'Audition' is super smart and  super sad. She will break your heart. I have loved working with Alexis and appreciate the bounty she always brings to the table."

Turning back the clock once again, at 11 I described Alexis as an old soul in a young body with a big future. The future is now. She is off to Yale, likely to minor in acting and major in life, which she will perform like a virtuoso, a capella.

Press the "play" button on Alexis's videocast, a valentine to Jen, who helped make Yale possible.

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