Powered By Poop

Telluride mayor Shu Scraper looked approvingly at the mess stuck to his Vibram soles. "This is the future of Telluride." Local inventor/entrepreneur Ford Chariot has designed a plant to turn dog waste into electricity. Town council has approved construction of a $50 Million facility to be located on the Valley Floor at Society Turn.

Scraper added, "And we will erect a fence to keep our elk herd on the Valley Floor to help feed the electrical plant. No sense letting all that potential go to waste. Telluride is finally getting its s..t together."

An additional benefit: Telluride can export the technology. No longer will New York women have to worry about fouling their Manolos with poodle poo. Dog owners rejoice- no longer is your canine friend a problem; he's part of the solution.

Happy April Fools Day!

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