Library/Film Fest Feature Claude Chabrol April 13

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Telluride Film Festival and Wilkinson Public Library: Chabrol's "Les Bonnes Femmes"

Les Bonnes Though less famous than sidekicks Godard and Truffaut, Claude Chabrol may be the most prolific of the French New Wave directors, having averaged almost one film a year since 1958.

"Les Bonnes Femmes" is early Chabrol. The film is a biting social drama with a Hitchcockian ending that presages the director's reputation as a master of mystery thrillers . (Chabrol co-authored with colleague Eric Rohmer a book on their film idol/mentor Alfred Hitchcock.)

"Femmes" covers three days in the lives of four Parisian shopgirls doing their best to escape their likely fate: marital ennui and tedious work lives. One is a party girl; another a mouse ready to sacrifice her hazy identity to secure a mate; an aspiring singer so insecure she hides her ambitions from her hanging buddies; and a day-dreamer yearning for a Prince Charming to rescue her from a vacant existence.

Bottom line: "Femmes" is a valentine to working class women  – written with a poison pen

For the pre-show reception, starting at 5:15, French pastry chef Jean-Louis Capelli is preparing mini éclairs, baby cheese cakes, cream puffs, chocolate covered brownies, lemon tarts, chocolate mousse and tear drop butter cookies. French roast coffees / teas and punch will also be served.

Patrons wanting to attend a dinner gathering after the film are invited to choose from a special film-goers menu at the Excelsior.  

Former film critic and publisher of the Telluride Watch Seth Cagin is the event's MC.
For more on Chabrol, click the "play" button and listen to his podcast.

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