TNCC: making a difference (continued)

TNCC: making a difference (continued)

by Kris Holstrom

(Editor's note: Tellurider/director/coordinator Kris Holstrom and The New Community Coaltion (TNCC), the change-agent charged with the greening of the Telluride region, are doing more than talking. TNCC is walking its talk, making a difference, only the changes it is affecting are not flashy and often get lost in the many meetings required to sort out details.

To set the record straight, this is the second in a series of posts to explain what the TNCC has accomplished to date.)

Since its founding in 2007, The New Community Coalition has emphasized energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy.

DSC00517 TNCC's Green Fund (2007): Collects donations/funds for local projects, including a 1900 watt solar array on the High/Middle School installed by local solar providers, funded by donations and a $15000 carbon offset payment from the Mountain Village. An educational component includes a remote readout to  monitor power output and hands-on renewable energy kits for the students.

 Partnerships: Governor's Energy Office (GEO), San Miguel Power Association (SMPA), EnCana, and the Colorado chapter of Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) have worked with TNCC to provide rebates for homes and businesses to install solar photovoltaic and hot water systems, and to make energy-efficient home improvements.

TNCC, San Miguel County, and the GEO: Partnered to promote Energy Star homebuilding, and              improving the energy efficiency of local residential building codes. TNCC now has an infrared                  camera for building analysis, and has conducted training sessions for energy audit certification as well       as seminars for contractors, real estate, banking and mortgage professionals.     

TNCC received a GEO/ New Energy Economic Development (NEED) grant:  Funded a                         micro-hydro feasibility assessment, the educational part of the school solar project, and a regional             renewable energy resource assessment.

 TNCC/SMPA Home Energy Improvement Contest: Won by Melissa Sumpter of Two Rivers.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory: Inventory of local governments has just been completed, with a                     community-wide  survey scheduled for completion this summer. In addition, TNCC has conducted Low     Carbon Diet courses throughout the region, and participated in the 2d annual San Miguel County             Energy Forum at the County Fair.

In addition to our efforts in the energy field, we’ve had some major milestones in the Green Building area, including passage of Phase I of an updated green building/energy code in both San Miguel County and Mountain Village. This is an on-going collaboration with the local building officials and members of the local building community to develop a comprehensive, tri-jurisdictional green building code.  TNCC hosted several fun and Informative Green Home Tours of local homes. From solar modules to reclaimed wood, visitors had the opportunity to see the principles of energy efficiency and sustainable building in action. The aim of these tours is to demonstrate the applicability, practicality, and versatility of sustainable home design. TNCC worked closely with the event organizers of the ICC Colorado Chapter annual conference in Mountain Village to develop an agenda addressing several areas of green building. Building officials from around the state and the four corners area attended, and the presentations by guests of TNCC provoked much discussion about the industry and the role that states and jurisdictions should play in promoting green building and energy efficiency.

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