Telluride’s hills are alive: Rep’s “Sound of Music” opens March 26

Telluride’s hills are alive: Rep’s “Sound of Music” opens March 26

She doesn't fly like Mary Poppins, but she can turn old curtains into play clothes. Telluride's Maria –  the irrepressible, unflappable Amy Van Der Bosch –  can also teach math (while singing and dancing).

This multi-talented nanny is the hands-down star of "The Sound of Music," the cosy -cum-corny musical that despite its saccharine sweetness – or perhaps because of its melodic cheeriness – found its way into the hearts of millions of Americans.

The Telluride Repertory Theatre company opens its production of "The Sound of Music" on Thursday, March 26. The feel-good blockbuster with a cast and crew of 70 hard-working locals is based on the true story of Georg Ritter Von Trapp and the postulate nun, Maria, who became nanny to his seven children after the death of his wife Agathe in 1924.

In 1938, Austria was annexed to Adolf Hitler's German Empire and Captain Trapp was offered a high post in its navy. His purported response: "I have sworn my oath of loyalty to only one Emperor." That response did not go down well and the rest is musical history.

The story of the Von Trapp family singers celebrates a love of singing and personal courage, two of our favorites things in these troubled times.

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