Telluride Rep’s “Sound of Music” is a family affair

Telluride Rep’s “Sound of Music” is a family affair

[click "Play" button to hear Susan's conversation with the Westman family]

IMG_1151 When the Telluride Repertory Theatre's production of "The Sound of Music" opens next Thursday, March 26, at The Palm, this musical about a singing family with lots of courage will feature three talented Telluride families: the Westmans (the Mark, Teresa, Kyra, and Annika),  the Ptaks (Dr. Jeff, Anita and Kyra), and the Antisas (Jennifer and Alyssa).

"The Sound of Music" is based on the true story of the von Trapps,  a family forced to flee their homeland of Austria to escape the Nazis. The father, Georg Ritter von Trapp, his new wife, Maria, and their seven children ultimately settled in the United States, landing in Pennsylvania in 1938, making money by singing baroque and folk music.

By 1942, the family had purchased a farm in Stowe, Vermont, and Maria rented out rooms in the house when the rest of the family were on tour singing. Their history reports it was a quiet life in a strict home until 1959, the year the Broadway production of Rogers' and Hammerstein's "The Sound of Music" opened. When the movie starring Julie Andrews was released in 1965, all bets were off: overnight the von Trapps became a brand name, a mass marketed commodity.

Americans love lovable families – and the Westmans fit that bill. They are almost too good to be true: smart, great-looking, openly affectionate, and playful.

Click the "play" button and listen to them talking about why they decided to make Telluride home, about being in "The Sound of Music" and how The Rep creates families.

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