The New Community Coalition’s RSVP open to all

The New Community Coalition’s RSVP open to all

by Kris Holstrom

Everyone has something to contribute. So insist the folks of the RSVP (Regional Sustainability Visioning Project).  This effort, under the umbrella of The New Community Coalition and funded by the TMVOA is attempting to reel in a widely cast net. What would your vision for the sustainable health and wealth of the local economy look like – and what innovations and changes would you need to reach that ideal situation? Last but not least, (looking at it from a systems point of view), what might be the impact of these innovations and changes on other components of the local economy?

These are interesting days. We hear a frightening litany of bad economic news daily and must wonder what will it mean for us, for me, for all of us who love this semi-remote paradise? Rather than merely reacting as fundamental changes fly into our lives, this visioning project is an opportunity to build tomorrow’s world.

Some folks like to think alone, others prefer a social discourse. RSVP is attempting to reach everyone. From Benito Cardenas’ work with One Telluride to asking individuals who might never come to a group discussion for interviews, we’re gathering ideas, listing opportunities and outlining challenges. This part of the project will culiminate March 18th in the MV Conference Center with groups sharing their visions and guest speakers to offer their experiences. For more information visit Telluride RSVP,  or call Kris at The New Community Coalition at 728-1340.

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