Nuggets from The Nugget: Gran Torino

Nuggets from The Nugget: Gran Torino

Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" at Telluride's Nugget Theatre this week

Dirty Harry is back. In Clint Eastwood's new movie, he is Walt Kowalski, a grumpy, unhappy Korean War vet. When neighborhood youths try to steal Kowalski's prized possession, a '72 Ford Gran Torino, he gets involved with an immigrant family at a very intense level. Classic mature Eastwood.

"Gran Torino" plays at 8:30 pm,  Friday, Feb 20; Sun, Feb 22; Tue, Feb 24; and Thur, Feb 26. Showtimes for Sat and Mon are 6:00 pm. "Slumdog Millionaire" continues this week also.

For complete schedules, click on the Nugget's website. To view a trailer of "Gran Torino", go to

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