Fred Garbo Inflatable Theatre Company at The Palm

Fred Garbo Inflatable Theatre Company at The Palm

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Telluride's Michael D. Palm Theatre hosts Fred Garbo Inflatable Theatre Company, Feb 20, 7:00 pm

The term refers to collective increases in the supply of money or prices – and a theatre company. In Fred Garbo's world, inflation is a good thing.

Fred is the founder and one of two principals in the Fred Garbo Inflatable Theatre Co.(click link to learn more about Inflatable Theatre), a multi-faceted, inventive exercise in pure entertainment, combining physical comedy, mime, dance, juggling, and gigantic inflatable props, which bounce between grand silliness and organic sculpture.

Fred & Co. are in Telluride for a one night only performance at The Palm, February 20, 7 p.m.

Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Fred's partner Daielma Santos graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance of London and has extensive training in dance/choreography, mime and theatre.

Describing Fred himself, critics trip over their superlatives, comparing his energy to a kitten on catnip, and his skills as a physical comedian to the best of the best, Red Skelton and Danny Kaye.

Fred has been performing professionally since 1974, when someone handed him real money for doing card tricks. He was the man inside Sesame Street's Barney the Dog and the chief juggler in the hit musical "Barnum." He has tumbled at Lincoln Center with the New York Opera and appeared with the world famous dance troupe MOMIX.

On a time-out from show biz one fateful day on 1988, Fred did a  bit of skydiving, and had an epiphany. Packing up his parachute, he was struck by its bright colors, strong material, and most important to a traveling vaudevillian, the way it deflated down to nothing. For 20 years, Fred has been inventing inflatables for his show with artist/builder George York – and never paying excess luggage charges.

To hear more, click the "play" button on his podcast. Watch the video for a preview of the show.

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