E2 hosting event in Denver featuring RFK, Jr. as keynote speaker

E2 hosting event in Denver featuring RFK, Jr. as keynote speaker

[click to hear Susan's interview with Andrew Currie of E2]

  Robert F Kennedy Jr on carpet
Robert F. Kennedy, jr.

Environmental Entrepreneurs or E2 is a national community of business professionals who work towards developing economically beneficial solutions to top priority environmental issues. Specifically E2's diverse membership of about 850 nationally works in tandem with the Natural Resources Defense Council, lending the voices of experience needed to advance sound environmental policy based on the economic merits.

E2's bottom line: It is not business versus the environment. It is business and the environment.

The synergies between E2 and our region's The New Community Coalition are obvious: both organizations recognize that quality interactions among members of a community are key to identifying, coordinating, and implementing sustainable projects that secure our future locally, regionally, and nationally.

E2's Rocky Mountain chapter is relatively green  – in the sense of "new." The nascent organization's coming out party is February 11, 7 – 9 p.m. in Denver.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is the keynote speaker. Ned Farquhar of the NRDC, Energy and Climate Advocate, is on hand to narrow the focus to what is happening at a Federal level that affects Colorado and the West.

Entrepreneur/investor/conservationist Andrew Currie is the chapter leader. Click the "play" button on his podcast to learn more about why he became involved, E2's work, and the benefits of attending the gathering.

For further information about how to join E2 and attend the event – space is very limited –  call Ms. Jessica Folkerts, E2 Rocky Mountain Chapter Coordinator, at 303-902-4525 or go to E2RockyMountains@gmail.com

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