Art from CHIP families is also part of TAB’s auction

Art from CHIP families is also part of TAB’s auction

The Children's Hospital Immunodeficiency Program inside the Denver Children's Hospital began attending to the medical needs of HIV-infected children in 1991, only three short years before TAB got off the ground. Now in its 18th year, CHIP has grown into multi-disciplinary program serving infected parents, expectant mothers, children and their families.

To help some of those individuals overcome the grinding feeling they are alone, one of the bonding activities TAB funds help guarantee is an annual Art Day. On Art Day people struggling with HIV/AIDS meet others confronting similar issues. Healing occurs when together they create something from nothing but what is in their collective hearts.

This year Art Day took place February 7. While social worker Malinda Paddock shared the 2009 TAB theme, Educate for a Brighter Future, to stimulate creativity, the prompt proved unnecessary.
Other deeper thoughts and feelings otherwise repressed came to the surface and became something tangible, something very moving.

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