10th annual Telluride Comedy Fest begins Thursday night

10th annual Telluride Comedy Fest begins Thursday night

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Comedy Fest begins Thursday at Telluride's Sheridan Opera House

Guaranteed the barbs will hit their mark – us – when the 10th annual Telluride Comedy Fest opens for business Thursday, February 12, with Locals' Night.

The weekend produced and hosted by town clown Jeb Berrier is always a great excuse for his old friends to gather and party hardy on the mountain and on the stage of the historic Sheridan Opera House. When those friends include the Who's Who of the world of comedy, then all bets are off. Anything goes.

The usual suspects include Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, Rob Huebel Jason Mantzoukas, Jamie Denbo, Scott Armstrong, Jessica Chaffin, Paul Scheer, Arj Barker, Steve Agee and DJ Eric Appel!

For sure this band of merry men – and women –   will blow playful raspberries at every little thing that weighs on us: economy, war, the guest list for our parties. Sometimes the humor is so arch a person could drive a double decker bus through it. The evenings can be wildly slapstick or wildly referential to strain your brain.
Sometimes it is not pretty. (Steve Martin's definition of comedy.)

Mostly, though, the Telluride Comedy Fest is one great big gambol.

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Shows Thur-Sun, Feb 12-15 at 8:00pm

Reserved seating tickets are available at the Sheridan Opera House Box Office
(Mon-Fri/10am-4pm), by phone at 970.728.6363 and at TellurideTicket.com.

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