TNCC talks about its solar energy rebate program

TNCC talks about its solar energy rebate program

[Click to hear interview with TNCC’s Kim Wheels & Julie Schoenfeld]

TNCC logo The Telluride region’s New Community Coalition and The San Miguel Power Association are pleased to announce a partnership with The Governor’s Energy Office and the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association to administer a Solar Rebate Program throughout SMPA’s territory.

GEO logo The initiative was created in response to a growing demand for renewable energy opportunities that allow homeowners and businesses to harness our state’s abundant solar resources.

CoSEIA_Logo Solar energy provides a way for green crusaders to permanently reduce our energy costs, increase our energy independence, reduce our fossil fuel usage, and minimize our impact on the environment.

SMPA Logo 4Color [Converted] Rebates allow us to do all of the above at considerable savings.

In the end, we save energy and money. Talk about enlightenment.

 Rebate image
Freedman residence
solar by Controlled Hydronics

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