Artwalk - Stronghouse Studios


In 2005. the Telluride Council for the Arts and Humanities opened the Stronghouse Studios (283 S. Fir Street), a cooperative created to provide an affordable, dynamic environment in which local visual, literary, textile, and musical artists can create and interact.

Tonight, the Stronghouse Studios is hosting an opening for newly minted local Jean Boebel. Her “Seventeen Scrolls of Screen,” sculptures created entirely from rolls of wire screen. These 3D abstraction play with movement, light, shadow and shades of gray.

To learn more about this mother and successful entrepreneur – her eclectic resume includes managing director of the Maryland Ballet and day-trading commodities – listen to our conversation discussing how she discovered Telluride and became a full-time fine artist.

[Click the Play button to hear]

You can also download the Stronghouse Studios Artwalk flyer (1681.5K).

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