Kids With Axes: R&RA at Opera House Tonight

Kids With Axes: R&RA at Opera House Tonight

  The Beats
The Beats

Tonight, December 13, 7PM at the Sheridan Opera House the Rock And Roll Academy will be performing its Fifth Annual Winter Rock Concert. This year’s show will feature nine all-kid bands ranging in age from six-years to eighteen years old. The line up includes:

 Legend of Rock

The Parking Cones

 The Movers

 The Petticoats


 Twisted Nation

 Ordinary Chaos


 The Beats

This concert will mark a turning point with the graduation of Emma Gross, who has been with the Academy for all five years of it’s existence. Founder Mark Galbo credits Emma with inspiring a whole younger generation of Telluride girls to play rock and roll with her talent, enthusiasm and supportive vibe. This year Emma’s band, The Beats, again features all original music.

Advance tickets are available at Between the Covers Bookstore and day of show at the SOH. Rock and Roll Academy shows are typically sold out events so don’t wait too long to get your tickets!

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