Feed Me, Seymour!

Those who know her, know that Susan is a prolific writer. That has not changed. Plus, she has help now. A few of you may have noticed you were missing your email notifications of new material to read (called a "feed") from TI…O. We are so very glad that along the way, someone cared enough to point it out. For one thing, it helped alert us to an issue that we have now resolved, and for another, it meant that someone was out there paying attention!

It actually reminds me a bit of when someone called the radio station when my family and I were working KOTO on New Year's Day earlier this year to report finding the dog we'd mentioned was lost. We were as thrilled that someone was listening as we were to reunite dog with owner.

Speaking of listening, as of yesterday, we have a new feature to announce – we are now beginning to record some of the interviews that Susan is doing and posting them here on Telluride Inside…and Out as podcasts.

Our first podcast is Susan's conversation with Valerie Madonia and I'm sure you'll want to hear it. And I was completely blown away by the interview with Mark Galbo, so be sure not to miss that one. It will make you think a whole new way about music, musical education, and education in general.

We're just getting started with this approach, so I know there will be more to come. 

Along the way, if you have thoughts on any of our stories that you care to share, we encourage you to make a comment in the comment area at the end of each story. We intend for this to become as much community dialog as anything else and we believe this is a great way to bring people together who love Telluride as much as we do.

If you have suggestions for Telluride Inside…and Out, we want to hear them. And should you ever notice a problem again, please, give us a shout right away. We want to make it right.

For now, though, have fun getting caught up on all of the stories you may have missed if you were relying on the feeds to let you know that they're there. Now that we've got the feeds working again, expect them to come more regularly with a digestible number of stories in each one. We encourage you to share the feed (or a particular story) with friends and family when you come across one you like. Just click on the Email this or the ShareThis links and point it off in the right direction; it's that easy.

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