Alacazem 2008.12.26

December 26 to 31, 2008


Visible Planets: Morning: Saturn  Evening: Venus and Jupiter


Christmas has come and gone and the New Year looms upon our proverbial glittering horizon. We have a few days to catch our breath and prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the end of one solar cycle and the beginning of another. As always, at this time of year, we find ourselves taking our first steps through cardinal Capricorn, and in so doing, are awakened to the physical reality in which we live, love, work and breathe. The focus on gifts and presents, the food and drink, the sights and sounds, and the money spent – or not spent – are all tactile, sensual, material examples of this down-to-earth, practical and socially conscious sign. We are suddenly aware of the need for self-discipline, structure and sacrifice – to pay off those credit card bills or get rid of those extra pounds – and feel almost magnetically attracted to programs of self-betterment. The good news is that these types of actions and behaviors are actually favored now. The Universe supports and assists those willing to set goals, make commitments and work toward goal accomplishment. So, as this week winds its way into 2009, take advantage of the Dec. 27th Capricorn New Moon. Great time to get the ball rolling. Initiate! Happy New Year!

Aries (March21-April21)

Girls – and boys – just wanna have fun, but the finite reality and practical realism of Capricorn pops the bubble when it comes to self-indulgence and over-the-top partying. It’s time to grow up, get serious and consider the concept of boundaries. Focus on the love, peace and joy of the holiday spirit and honor the light.

Taurus (April22-May21)

With so many planets in collective signs, you may feel like reaching out and getting involved this holiday season. The trick is to embrace the spirit of peace and good will, give love and let your inner light shine. Remember the concepts of equality, humility and grace as you make your rounds and share your time. Think positive and keep the faith.

Gemini (May22-June20)

The only way to handle the holidays is with acceptance, humor and enthusiasm. Life is what we make it and perception is a choice. Look on the bright side, encourage those less fortunate and see the shimmering horizon glistening beneath the cloudy skies. Be realistic with money, invest wisely and give generously from the heart.

Cancer (June21-July20)

Plenty of powerful people and out-of-this-world forces are gathering in an attempt to influence Moonchildren to think positive, purge self-abusive habits and take action when it comes to establishing healthy boundaries in relationships. Balance is essential to happiness now. Focus on keeping the peace and loving the results.

Leo (July21-Aug.20)

Loving vibrations come from the outside as you cultivate the grace of gratitude on the inside. Complaints and negative thinking get you nowhere fast. Be kind of heart and generous of spirit as holiday pressures escalate and social invitations abound. Center yourself with self-love and let go of controlling outcomes. Enjoy the joy.

Virgo (Aug.22-Sept.20)

You may suddenly realize the impact of your presence or the simple power of personal choice. Others may ask you for assistance or help in some way. Give generously when appropriate, but maintain healthy boundaries along the way. It’s imperative that you take good care of you, and let others do the same. Share the love.

Libra (Sept.21-Oct.21)

Peace is your drug and love is your potion. Celebrate the return of light with candles, fires and prayer. Pay homage to our primal star, the sun, and feel the power of solar rays as they ignite the embers of spirit. Home life is the best life now. Count your blessings and feel the grace of life’s most simple pleasures. Relax and be present.

Scorpio (Oct.22-Nov.21)

Solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year, and post-Christmas Scorpios find solace and comfort via quiet, candle-lit evenings and flickering, flame-filled hearths. Breathe deep and feel your heart. Pay homage to the mysteries of dark and light, sun and shadow, heaven and earth. Light the fire within and without.

Sagittarius (Nov.21-Dec.20)

It’s up to you and now is the time. That characteristic Sagittarian independence is all aglow as yuletide fires light many paths to party. Celebrate this year with caution and care, if you can. The time for devil-may-care indulgence has passed. You are entering an extended period of self-responsibility and rewarding maturation. Do it right.

Capricorn (Dec.21-Jan.19)

Hark the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn queens and kings of the zodiac. Transformation is on the horizon and you need all the spiritual power and loving compassion you can muster. These are metamorphic times and you are a primal part of the transition. Be real, be cool and be kind. Live the dream and experience the miracle.

Aquarius (Jan.20-Feb.19)

A passel of planets in your sign puts you in the center of the circle and makes you the life of the party. Make sure you’re up to entertaining the masses before you go out. Keep your eyes open along the way, watch out for potholes and maintain sobriety behind the wheel. Keep it simple, say your prayers and live in the light.

Pisces (Feb.20-March20)

You may feel somewhat rebellious or even revolutionary this week as Uranian influence encourages uniqueness, independence and traveling a road less traveled. The conventional constraints of the holidays just won’t do, you want something wild and different. Go for what calls you and celebrate in true, new age style. Be brave.

Cynthia is a third-generation astrologer living in the high mountain desert of the American southwest. She can be contacted via email at

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