Alacazem 2008.12.12

Alacazem 2008.12.12

December 11 to 18, 2008

Visible Planets:
Morning: Saturn 
Evening: Venus and Jupiter

Celestial Phenomena: With all planets moving in forward direction in predominantly "collective" signs, a Sagittarius Full Moon that is both at perigee (its closest approach to Earth) and syzygy (directly aligned with the Sun and Earth), and a mutable Grand Cross involving the Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn and Uranus blazing across the cosmos, we are feeling the powerful pulse of our shape-shifting Universe as it morphs, expands and grows. Never before have we been presented so many multi-faceted options and possibilities. Potential is limitless and creation is eternal. If you're feeling a little unstable and uncertain, don't feel like the Lone Ranger. It's par for the course. Just remain positive, grateful and keep your eyes to the skies. Simply do the next right thing and stay on the path. Peace, love and joy, happy holidays and may you see and become a part of the great, good fortune of these changing times!

Aries (March21-April21)
Mental Mercury enters Capricorn and thoughts turn toward career and achievement. Identify and pursue goals with patient determination and unyielding focus. Think big but be willing to start small. Romance strengthens via camaraderie and acts of friendship. Full Moon energy is wild, keep your head and maintain composure.

Taurus (April22-May21)
Feel good vibrations from those in authority or financially attractive career options may appear as Venus enters your solar 10th house of achievement. Utilize artistic talents on the job and be sweet to those you hold in high esteem. Lunar light shines upon joint investments as you take care of business and explore possibilities.

Gemini (May22-June20)
A busy week comes to a head as the Moon comes to fruition in expansive Sagittarius. Professional responsibilities require time and attention as you balance budgets and finish projects. Plenty of action from and interaction with others keeps you hopping. Remain conservative when it comes to spending and revolutionary regarding career.

Cancer (June21-July20)
Phone calls, holiday cards or emails to or from others expand consciousness and open your eyes to the multi-colored quilt of relationship. Pay attention to thoughts and desires regarding self-improvement. It’s time to get serious and take action when it comes to physical and spiritual well-being. Research options and pursue goals.

Leo (July21-Aug.20)
Happy holidays abound in spite of global unrest and financial uncertainty. Somehow you still see that silver lining on those threatening clouds and lead the way when it comes to optimistic attitudes and feelings of gratitude. Keep the ball rolling and stay positive. Others find you magnetic, attractive and charming. Enjoy the joy.

Virgo (Aug.22-Sept.20)
Romantic ideas and creative expression in general open doors of communication and enhance the quality of your relationships. Be very realistic when it comes to finances and practice restraint regarding holiday spending. It’s time to get out of the hole, instead of deeper in debt. Make change a reality as you give love and be the present.

Libra (Sept.21-Oct.21)
Write notes on holiday cards, express gratitude and send love throughout the cosmos. Take action when it comes to creative ideas; put them down on paper, make lists or manifest them physically. A sense of joy and peace permeates your consciousness as you focus on blessings and great good fortune. Stay on the path.

Scorpio (Oct.22-Nov.21)
Home life improves as you see the rewards and results of recent patience and perseverance. Personal motivation runs high as Full Moon energy illuminates the power of attention, intention and action. Power lives in choice and making appropriate, healthy choices manifests synchronistic events. Live the dream.

Sagittarius (Nov.21-Dec.20)]
It’s all about you as planets align in a dynamic Sagittarian dance of revolution, change and creation. Keep a handle on personal expression and maintain composure no matter what the situation. Exploding stars and super-novae are better off left out in space. You are charismatic and magnetic; utilize your power for the good of all rather than attempting personal gain or self-enhancement.

Capricorn (Dec.21-Jan.19)
Multi-faceted Mercury enters Capricorn and mental doors open wide. Thoughts and ideas abound as you interact with others, window shop and get social. Maintain budgets and be wise when it comes to money. Invest in the practical rather than the luxurious. Be as good as possible and responsible for your actions. Ask your angels.

Aquarius (Jan.20-Feb.19)
Voluptuous Venus enters Aquarius this week and shimmers velvet light upon your path. A financial reward or gift of some kind appears and it’s “just in time”. Accept with gratitude and count your blessings. Pursue friendship and focus on the positive aspects of your friends. Life is good. Keep the faith and explore the mystery.

Pisces (Feb.20-March20)
The Full Moon in mutable Sagittarius amplifies your ability to shape-shift, camouflage and adapt. Embrace the process of metamorphosis as you continue on the path of radical, personal change. It’s all about rebirthing consciousness and becoming a more vital, creative part of the collective whole. Contact friends and share holiday joy.

Cynthia is a third-generation astrologer living in the high mountain desert of the American southwest. She can be contacted via email at

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