Alacazem 2008.11.22

November 20 to 27, 2008

Visible Planets:
Morning: Saturn
Evening: Venus and Jupiter

Giving thanks and feeling grateful are gifts of grace. In our ever-changing world and apparently faltering global economy, it’s easy to fall victim to fear, anxiety and insecurity. And yet, we all have so much to be thankful for. Abundance is key to the Sagittarian ethic, and ‘tis the season of the Archer.

Finding comfort and discovering the joy in life’s most simple pleasures – fresh air, clean water, solar warmth and food on the table are just a few – bring us to a place of celestial harmony and open the doors of divinity. The cosmic essence of any particular time is constellated in the heavens and can be experienced via the energetic expression of the tropical zodiac sign in orb at the time.

As the Sun moves into mutable fire and the holiday season begins, it’s both our job and our mission to open our hearts and put our minds to work on exploring the multi-faceted realms of gratitude. Change negative thoughts into positive thinking and become a co-creator of magic and miracles. And keep your eyes to the skies at twilight and early evening, as magnificent planet Jupiter – the Sagittarian ruler – and dazzling Venus move ever closer toward conjunction on Dec. 1st. Happy, happy and may the force of these two great benefics carry you through the holidays with love, grace and beauty.

A fresh New Moon in sagacious Sagittarius initiates a lunar month of expanding possibilities and exciting potential. Revolutionary planet Uranus goes direct in your solar 12th house of the divine and angelic forces gather. Far-reaching, cosmic change shimmers throughout the heavens and you suddenly see, feel and understand the magic behind the mystery. Experience an epiphany as you transform, heart and soul.

Use this magnificent week to prepare for a lunar month of enhanced intimacy and deepening commitments. Planetary forces in your solar 8th house of magic and mystery open doors and present offers. Others see you as charismatic and sexy, charming, competent and capable. Recognize the correct, proper and appropriate use of power and utilize the right behaviors at the right times. Experience grace.

Focus on the special, unique and individual part you play in each and every relationship of your life. Your greatest gifts and opportunities come via others now and as long as you focus on treating them with respect, keeping your own house clean and doing your very best, the energies and experiences you receive will be golden. Maintain momentum in career, it will soon take off and soar to the Moon.

A new beginning regarding work and health is on the horizon. Burning the midnight oil and partying ‘til dawn simply takes it toll. It’s time to love your body, expand your mind and explore your soul. Pick up a copy of The New Earth and check out what it says about the ego, the pain body and your awakening. Seek out others who walk their talk and travel a path of heart. Establish routines and stay on track.

The season of thanks and gratitude is upon us, and with it comes the desire to share. Generosity is one of your gifts and giving is an experience of grace. Prepare the table and set out the silver, it’s time to explore the virtues of both. Feel the love in your heart and express it by random acts of kindness and compassion. Leave judgment in the courtroom and set yourself and others free. Count your blessings and be sweet.

The final week of a waning lunar cycle combined with the Sun’s entrance into far-looking Sagittarius provides just enough cosmic reflection and futuristic vision to see beyond the limits of your present finite reality. Saturn’s long transit through your sign has forced you to face the music, prune the bush and get rid of what you don’t need or use. Recommit to programs of personal, radical change and practice the program.

As lunar light wanes and solar rays weaken, take a good look at the ways you perceive and define reality. Examine thoughts and explore emotions. What’s the connection between thinking and feeling? Self-knowledge, self-acceptance, self-love and self-nurturing are the most basic and urgent life tasks. Ask for the willingness to let go of self-criticism, the courage to change and the grace to accept what comes.

The second month of your solar new year begins as the Sun leaves seductive Scorpio and enters enthusiastic Sagittarius. It’s time to buckle down and accept total responsibility for every relationship and life situation of which you are a part. This is an incredibly empowering act of freedom and on which guarantees success and happiness if you understand its magic. Prepare for an epiphany and travel the high road.

Candles flame on birthday cakes as the Archer celebrates another revolution around the Sun. Count your blessings as you explore your options. Motivational Mars in your sign is pushing you toward more expansive goals and broader horizons. Recognize the difference between desire and fantasy. What you conceive, you can achieve and dreams do become realities. Imagine, envision and follow it all up with action. Go forth!

Voluptuous Venus and brilliant Jupiter are moving ever-closer each night in the heavens above. Check them out this week above the western horizon at twilight. This celestial happening heralds a time of multi-faceted opportunity and gifting for Capricorns. Be as sweet, loving and spiritually generous as possible. You are a beautiful child of creation, and remember: believing is seeing and giving is getting.

Angels flutter and spirits fly as celestial forces gather in your solar 12th house of the divine. Trust the Universe and go with the flow. Ask for guidance and look for signs. Think positive and be productive. Keep your own house clean and refrain from judging the acts of others. Seek out and surround yourself with people of good intention and travel the road less traveled. Surrender to the light and walk in beauty.

Wild card planet Uranus ends a five-month period of retrograde in Pisces just three hours before the Nov. 27th New Moon. This is like a red light turning green – you’re off to the races! The radical and dramatic personal changes that carved and crafted the “new” you have created a stunning statue of beauty and vitality. Embrace the makeover and go for gusto. Pair and partner with exciting others and keep your eyes to the skies.

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