Alacazem 2008.11.07

Alacazem 2008.11.07

November 7 to 14, 2008

Visible Planets:
Morning: Mercury through the 10th, and Saturn
Evening: Venus and Jupiter

The first of three impactful Saturn/Uranus oppositions took place on Nov. 4th, Election Day, and it was a celestial hit of phenomenal proportion. Barack Obama was elected President of the U.S.A. and throughout our country and around the world people were dancing in the streets, celebrating change and embracing the dawn of an exciting new era. A longstanding glass ceiling had been shattered, a divisive, invisible barrier had exploded. A biracial American man of Caucasian and African blood was chosen, by a convincing margin, to take the reins and rule as one of the most powerful leaders in history. The people had spoken.

The last time Saturn opposed Uranus was in 1965-67, a period of tremendous social, political and cultural turmoil, as well as extraordinary creative impulse. We experienced massive civil rights and anti-war demonstrations, spacewalks, the Beatles and the introduction of Eastern spiritual traditions into the Western world view. Saturn represents government, positions of power, social constraints, rules, regulations and the status quo. It is finite reality and the building blocks of society. It is where we are challenged to achieve, work toward goals and strive for recognition. Uranus represents radical change, revolution, individual and collective freedom, liberty, uncharted territory and the excitement of the new. It is idealistic, ingenious, inventive and – above all – humanitarian. Draw the lines and connect the dots. This is an incredible new era of hope and creative change, a time when individual efforts send ripples throughout the Universe and join force with shooting stars. Join the movement, journey the path, ride the wave and manifest the dream.

Onward Cosmic Travelers!

Aries (Mar.21-Apr.21) Mystical feelings and mysterious energies may intrigue and excite you, but the wisest Rams remain cautious and calm in the face of seduction. This is an excellent time to examine emotions and the mental patterns that fuel and form them. Psychotherapy, counseling and courageous honesty are allies.

Taurus (Apr.22-May21) Plenty of relationship energy surrounds you as partners, spouses and others to whom you feel committed step forward for attention and interaction. Remain positive and optimistic, focus on growth and solutions rather than problems and regret. Acceptance is the answer and change is up to you.

Gemini (May22-Jun20) Life at home, family matters and the foundation upon which you have built and continue to build your life continues as an area of concern and restructure. Career changes continue. Be open to the new and discard the old. Financial investments take center stage. Do your best to enhance their value.

Cancer (Jun.21-July20) Another “supermoon” Full Moon takes place on Nov. 12th, and for Moonchildren, this translates as another powerful point of reference regarding hopes, wishes and dreams. Take a good look at the people with whom you surround yourself. Are their actions and values in harmony with your goals and ideals?

Leo (Jul.21-Aug.20) Home life and professional career face off this week as the Moon grows full. Balance is the key to a healthy life and it’s imperative that you integrate both work and play into yours. Breathe deep, follow the joy and explore programs of self-improvement that make you feel good. It’s all about growth.

Virgo (Aug.22-Sep.20) The recent Saturn/Uranus opposition in your sign turns the screws on an already tight situation and the pressure may actually break apart long outmoded structures, commitments or behaviors. Focus on the freedom of uncertainty and embrace creative, constructive change. Go with the flow.

Libra (Sep.21-Oct.21) A Full Moon in your solar 2nd/8th house polarity shines light on individual responsibilities vs. those you share with others. You have clarified and identified your faults, shortcomings and weaknesses over the last year. Now it’s time to focus on your strengths, and do what you can to change. Cultivate courage.

Scorpio (Oct.22-Nov.21) The Moon comes to fruition on Nov. 12th in the Scorpio/Taurus polarity and illuminates the part you play in every situation, circumstance and relationship. Accepting full responsibility for the conditions of your life, rather than blaming or awarding it to others, is powerful magic. Understand the nature of change.

Sagittarius (Nov.21-Dec.20) A rather trying or stressful set of circumstances dictates that you make some important personal changes. Professional responsibilities and career demands may force you into letting go of old habits or ways of behaving. Pursue a path of growth and focus on the power of the present. Expand and enlighten.

Capricorn (Dec.21-Jan.19) Good-luck planet Jupiter in your sign continues opening doors of personally enhancing opportunity in material and spiritual realms. The Universe is a multi-dimensional field of unlimited potential and possibility. See the forest for the trees, look at the bigger picture and focus on new horizons and frontiers.

Aquarius (Jan.20-Feb.19) If you’re feeling a bit grumpy or stressed out due to financial challenges or economic limitations, seek out uplifting camaraderie and positive influences. No matter how bad you think you have it, there is plenty to be grateful for. Practice attitudes of gratitude and watch the clouds lift. Joy is a choice.

Pisces (Feb.20-Mar.20) Cosmic forces push and pull the Fish through mazes of structure and jungles of responsibility. Others may feel threatening or appear to restrict your freedom in some way. Recognize the power of your part and behave accordingly. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Break out.

Cynthia is a 3rd generation astrologer and has been practicing astrology professionally since 1977. She can be contacted via email at

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