Alacazem 2008.11.14

Alacazem 2008.11.14

November 13 to 20, 2008

Visible Planets: Morning: Saturn 

Evening: Venus and Jupiter

The magnificent lunar fruition of Nov. 12th has passed, and with that passing comes the increasingly dark skies of a waning Moon, the very best time for stargazing. The constellations of autumn – Pleiades, Orion the Hunter, Taurus the Bull and the Twins of Gemini – are now rising in the east and traveling across the blue-black canvas of deep space, creating a celestial masterpiece of stunning beauty and extraordinary sparkle. In the west, Venus and Jupiter dance together in early darkness, moving ever-closer as November ends. And mark your calendars for Dec. 1st, when these two legendary “evening stars” shimmer, shine and shape-shift with a delicate crescent Moon for the most striking planetary conjunction of the year. Look for a blazing triangle of stellar brilliance against the backdrop of turquoise twilight, low above the southwestern horizon at dusk, following sunset. What a fine opportunity for us all to bless the heavens and touch the stars!

Aries (Mar.21-Apr.21)

The Moon wanes and nights grow long. Mars moves from Scorpio into Sag and you feel uplifted, energized and ready to explore new territory. Venus in Capricorn attracts professional opportunity and career enhancement. Do your best to look good and be on time. Practice self-discipline and continue programs of self-improvement.

Taurus (Apr.22-May21)

As ruler Venus moves ever closer to good-luck Jupiter in crafty Capricorn, open your heart and let the love in. Visualize happy days, sweet evenings and the manifestation of cherished dreams. Creative pursuits and artistic expressions are favored. Share your experience, strength and hope with partners and friends. Be the change.

Gemini (May22-Jun.20)

Thoughts and feelings deepen as you see beneath the surface of superficial behaviors and artificial realities. You crave intense experience and edgy perspectives. Investigate mysteries and clarify intentions, especially when it comes to other people and issues of partnership. Prepare for financial expansion and refrain from worry.

Cancer (Jun.21-Jul.20)

Blossoming opportunities are coming your way regarding partnership, marriage and relationships in general. Love planet Venus and good-luck, good-fortune planet Jupiter are forming a conjunction in the heavens and joining hands in your solar 7th house of sharing and pairing. Open to the good, the bountiful and the beautiful.

Leo (Jul.21-Aug.20)

Venus and Mars change signs this week, so expect shifts and shimmies when it comes to traditional sexual roles and gender based behaviors or expectations. Motivation to create is strong, express yourself artistically or indulge in romantic or athletic pastimes. Maintain momentum regarding work; take it one step at a time.

Virgo (Aug.22-Sep.20)

Benefic planets Jupiter and Venus are dancing in fellow earth-sign Capricorn and spinning in harmonious aspect to conservative Saturn in Virgo and radical Uranus in Pisces this week. All this adds up to a magical, miraculous week of unlimited potential and possibility for the Virgin. Embrace structural change, go with the flow.

Libra (Sep.21-Oct.21)

Gentle pressure coming from within encourages you to connect with a Higher Power and cultivate a more spiritual reality in your everyday routines and daily rounds. The present moment is all you really ever have; make it the best it can be. Breathe deep, feel the grace of gratitude and simply be here now. Use self-discipline and stay on the path. 

Scorpio (Oct.22-Nov.21)

Mental images, ideas and perceptions rule this week as mind-planet Mercury sparks thoughts and stimulates communication. You may feel restless or curious and motivated to take action regarding financial, romantic or personal agendas. Good things come to those who make contacts, ask questions and explore new possibilities. Show your art, express your desires and pursue your bliss.

Sagittarius (Nov.21-Dec.20)

Desires run high and you’re motivated to pursue what you want. Mars, planet of primal survival and basic instinct has moved into your sign. This recurring two year cycle lasts approximately six weeks and represents a time of rebirth and recalibration regarding personal self and agendas. This is a time of great physical strength and stamina. You can make excellent progress if you understand the pitfalls of an unhealthy ego.

Capricorn (Dec.21-Jan.19)

Polish the silver and sweeten the pie. Good luck planet Jupiter and love planet Venus are coming together in your sign and shimmering rays of romantic, financial, artistic and spiritual opportunity upon you. Go in directions that feel good, pursue healthy pastimes and expand your personal horizons. Utilize self-discipline when it comes to mental applications, study and learning. Change the way you think and change your world.


Aquarius (Jan.20-Feb.19)

A magnificent planetary conjunction is soon taking place in your solar 12th house of divine experience and intervention. Make a point of checking out the evening sky in twilight and take notice of the two bright stars above the western horizon at dusk. These are your two guardian angels, shimmering love and shining opportunity down upon your path of life. Breathe in their magic, ask for guidance and follow the signs.

Pisces (Feb.20-Mar.20)

Once again, the cosmos deliver a week of snap, crackle, pop and whoopdee, whoopdee, whoo. Take your time, breathe deep and say your prayers. Many of your hopes, dreams and wishes have come or are coming true. Take a good look around and count the many blessings surrounding you. Friends bring happiness, opportunity and love. Demonstrate your appreciation by being fully present and authentic.


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