What’s in store

What’s in store

Telluride Inside and Out had its unofficial, squishy launch in August, 2008, just after I returned from the second installment of my Viniyoga teacher training session. (Two down, two to go.)

A new owner had acquired The Daily Planet, the local newspaper I had worked for for 15 years and my future as a contributor looked about as clear as mud. My first response to the lemon life seemed to be handing me was to pucker. Encouraged by my family, which includes two very smart, geeky, cyber savvy daughters, my next thought was to make lemonade: create a blog that will evolve organically over time into an e-zine. The idea seemed to make good sense in the context of the shrinking world of conventional media: the universe of online information/social networking platforms is experiencing a Big Boom.

The new venture would be a family affair.

Kjerstin Viebrock Klein, whose job description includes yoga instructor and retail consultant, would consult, especially in her area of expertise: business model maximization. 

Kimm Viebrock Nesteroff, whose resume includes certified personal coach and technical support consultant, would be in charge of day to day operations. Today she is running the entire back office, while coaching her father and me on business of blogging, which involves learning a new language.

My husband Clint, a retired pilot and Telluride Adaptive Sports Program instructor, who has been my principal editor forever, would become a full partner/writer/onsite technical consultant.

My job would be continued coverage of Telluride’s cultural economy, including festivals, special events,  celebrity interviews and much more.

Fast forward to the present. Telluride Inside and Out is growing like wildfire.

Astrologer Cynthia Zehm of the popular former Planet column Alcazem is now a regular, cherished contributor.

Kris Holstrom of The New Community Coalition is on board to cover sustainability.

Other popular writers are waiting in the wings. ( Just as exciting, so are a few sponsors.)

Plans for TIO include features about the region’s cultural economy (performing and fine arts),  outdoor adventure, travel,  recipes, health and fitness, fashion and beauty, a book corner, school/young people’s pages, and reviews.

In addition to articles, TIO will include podcasts and videos.

We will try to cover events in our sister communities such as Norwood, Ridgway and Ouray and perhaps Denver.

Our archive will include a gallery "displaying" the work/bios of local artists and photographers.

We will support our sponsors with pages about their businesses.

We are limited only by our imaginations, not by someone else’s deadline, page count, or budget strictures.

Fans of Doers may be pleased to learn that the column I created in 1993 continues here too. I have registered the name with the State and we are good to go.

Jodie Shile Wright of One Architects, also chair of the Telluride AIDS Benefit, a cheerleader from the get-go, recently described  TIO as a "community hug." We welcome your ideas for stories and comments about how we are doing.

The past is receding in my rear view mirror. The future looks as bright as a shiny new hood ornament.

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