Do Tell...

Yes, please DO tell us if our slip is showing! Sometimes this project feels a bit like trying to hang onto the tail of a tiger and occasionally the result is that there may be some aspect of functionality or how it looks to you, our readers, that doesn’t quite fit with what you want or how we intend it to look.

If anything is confusing or doesn’t seem completely right, please post a comment or send us an email. The same goes if there is some feature or functionality you’d like to see that isn’t there yet or if you’d like to see a particular story covered. After all – aside from the sheer fun and joy of it all, we really are doing this for you, and your opinion matters!

Along these lines, it’s been pointed out that Art’s election picks seemed a bit confusing to those of you getting the email subscription feed because until now it hasn’t been clear that what you get in your email inbox is only a summary of the article posted on Telluride Inside… and Out, and not necessarily the whole enchilada. You should find this much more obvious now going forward.

So the upshot is… if you’ll keep providing feedback, we’ll keep on making improvements. If we make this an ongoing dialog, everyone wins and we do love to make people happy.

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