I’m So Excited

I’m So Excited

I’m so excited to be a part of Telluride Inside Out! Susan Viebrock’s brilliant move to create a Telluride blog is cutting edge and so appropriate for these "cusp of the Ages" times in which we humans find ourselves living and breathing.

As an astrologer and planet-watcher, I’ve looked at the calendar and checked out the "stars" in a effort to choose an auspicious day upon which to officially launch my little section of this landmark blog. I’ve decided on September 11th – tomorrow – and will post not only the weekly forecast of my 20 year-published Alacazem astrology column, but also an outline of what I’m planning to be included in my blog. Hope to see and hear from all of you as the Earth revolves around the Sun!

Thanks so much to Susan and her family for thinking this up and following the vision with their highly skilled, much appreciated right action.

Hope, health, happiness, love and World Peace,


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