Telluride Integrative Wellness Summit: Dr. Marc Siegel

Telluride Integrative Wellness Summit: Dr. Marc Siegel

Dr. Marc Siegel is a featured speaker at Telluride First Foundation’s 2nd annual Summit on Integrative Wellness. Other renowned presenters in the field of health and wellness are Dr. Deepak Chopra (streaming live), Dr. David Agus, Dr. George Pratt, Chris Crowley and Bill Fabrocini, all focusing in their different ways on the subject of Looking Forward, Aging Backward: Frontiers in Health, Wellness & Brain Science. Singer-songwriter Jewel opens the weekend on Friday September 9. Tickets here. Scroll down to the bottom of the story to listen to Dr. Siegel’s podcast.

Dr. Marc Siegel, featured presenter at Telluride First’s Integrative Wellness Summit.

Dr. Marc Siegel, featured presenter at Telluride First’s Integrative Wellness Summit.

There are lots of ways to practice for a better old age.

An unfolding study at the University of California, Santa Barbara, saw overall health improve when subjects addressed all their bad habits at once, rather than one small step for mankind at a time. The research showed that one kind of change, like starting an exercise program may amplify the effects of another regimen, like meditation, enhancing and extending life.

The preliminary conclusion?

The limits of the human capacity for change may be much greater than we, as scientists, have given people credit for,” said the lead scientist, who plans to continue digging.

But what if it turned out that what is really driving our sense of health and well-being is taking place below the level of consciousness, not just at the net, mile marker, or on the mat or cushion? The gut (home of the very buzzy microbiome), for example, is just part of a body-brain system that’s encoding emotion and cognition and trying to figure out what to do.

Then there is our inner pulse.

In his latest book, “The Inner Pulse,” Dr. Marc Siegel talks about the crucial relationship between spiritual awareness and mind over matter to health and healing in our times. He defines the inner pulse as a beating form of life we all have within us, a spiritual and physical axis, where what we call the soul links to the mind and body. The inner pulse can lead to a deep intuition that can heal us if we only learn to listen to it in time. It is the marker that predicts whether a person’s life force is fading or strengthening. It is, in other words, our radar to good health. But it can’t be measured; it can only be sensed.

In the introduction to his book, among the things Siegel says he learned while writing “The Inner Pulse,” is the fact that dedicated physical exercise and spiritual practices, including meditation, can bring you more in contact with your inner pulse and that, even in instances of severe, life-threatening illnesses, we should look for a doc who believes in our intuition and our own sense of your health. And that a doctor becomes a true healer when he or she learns to be guided by a patient’s inner pulse rather than by preconceived, rote notions.

“In ‘The Inner Pulse,’ I tell the story of my patients and how they survived against the odds because of the strength of their inner pulse. I have discovered this strong inner pulse in many of my patients: from one man who managed to recover even after his brain had been choked of oxygen, to another who couldn’t walk yet rose out of his wheelchair to attack a former employer who owed him millions, to a third whose fractured personality was able to control her blood sugar in some personalities but not in others. I have also found this power in myself as I overcame my own life crisis and recovered my inner strength,” explains Siegel.

Voodoo science you say?

Not so fast.

Dr. Marc Siegel has some serious street cred. (See his bio below.)

Click on his podcast to learn more about the man,“the inner pulse” and how it relates to aging backwards ( or at least enhancing the course).

More about Dr. Marc Siegel:

Dr. Marc Siegel, MD, is a practicing internist boarded in Internal Medicine who joined FOX News Channel as a medical contributor in 2008. In addition to his role as a commentator with Fox News, Dr. Siegel also works as a medical reporter for the network.

Dr. Siegel is a Professor of Medicine at the NYU Langone Medical Center and the Medical Director of Doctor Radio with NYU Langone on Sirius-XM Satellite Radio. Siegel was a co-creator of Doctor Radio.

Siegel is a prolific writer and regular columnist for several newspapers and magazines including the New York Post, NY Daily News, National Review, the WSJ, Slate, and He is a member of the board of contributors for USA Today and authored a column for the LA Times for several years called “The Unreal World.” Dr. Siegel blogs for

Dr. Siegel co-hosts Sunday “Housecall” on Fox News.

Siegel is the author of False Alarm; the Truth About the Epidemic of Fear, and his latest, the Inner Pulse; Unlocking the Secret Code of Sickness and Health as well as several other books on influenza and contagions and a medical thriller entitled Bellevue.

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