​Drink Boxed Wine

​Drink Boxed Wine


Brian Barrett, Editor in Chief, at Gizmondo offers up 8 very compelling reasons why, if you’re not already, you should be drinking boxed wine.

Any possible objection you have to boxed wine is wrong, and I am here to tell you why.

It’s better than you remember. Let’s get this out of the way first, because I’m assuming it’ll address the largest objection for most of you. You’ve had wine out of a box before, and it was terrible. Maybe you’ve even done a Tour de Franzia, the rules of which vary geographically but maintain the same endgame: drink as much Franzia as possible, then wake up a few hours later in a puddle of regret.

Here’s the thing. Franzia is not boxed wine. Franzia is liquified headache with a splash of pink food coloring.

Go to your local supermarket. Hell, go to Whole Foods. Head straight for the end of the wine aisle. There, you’ll almost certainly find boxes of wine with fancy labeling and involved typefaces. These are almost uniformly decent or even very good wines that just happen to be in boxes. I’m partial to Bota Box Cabernet, but Black Box also does the trick. And there are endless varieties I haven’t tried yet that I’m sure are equally delicious and won’t turn your brain into a pain omelette the next morning.

It’s cost-effective. If you’re the kind of person who regularly purchases bottles of wine that even remotely approach a three digit price tag, stop reading this right now and go back to polishing your megayacht’s diamond-crusted poop deck. (Also I would love to hang out sometime).

For the rest of you who enjoy a glass or two or four to help make it through the week, if you’re not buying your wine in box-form you’re spending too much money. A Bota Box—just using as an example since that’s what’s in my pantry right now—costs $20. You can often find it on sale for less. And it holds the equivalent of four bottles of perfectly palatable vino.

Since Friday afternoon is not time for math, I’ll do it for you. That breaks out to four five dollar bottles. That’s cheaper than the Rex Goliath you turn to in a pinch, and Rex Goliath is objectively terrible.

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